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Apart from ordinary bonuses, the studio applied a unique DKP system. The abbreviation means “dragon kill points”. It’s a bonus system used in different MMORPGs. It was created for distribution in-game trophies. Players receive points and they can “buy” their loot (virtual items inside guilds) with these points. In just the same way, guys receive special points for completing tasks and self-discipline. Later they can spend their points and get the newest gadgets, game consoles, travel gift certificates, and other prizes.

Kefir! is a game studio famous for its hits Russian Prison Mafia, Metro 2033 and Eastern Front. Its offices are located in Volgograd and Saint Petersburg.

Kefir! has over one hundred young talented people from different parts of our country in its team. In a friendly and professional climate, the team has developed projects loved by over 30 million players.

The studio provides everything for its employees to fulfil their potential and encourages their success. Kefir! takes care of its household issues: breakfast, lunch, parties, etc. Nothing should distract the team from completing creative tasks and searching for new solutions.

During breaks everyone can play table tennis or table hockey or have a snack at the kitchen. We have regular fun events, theme parties and holidays. No creative block will ever stand an approach like this and the team will always come up with the right solution.