Get inked, raise your prestige and set your own rules in jail. Team up with your bros and beat up other inmates!

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It is time to descend into a fabulous magical world. A world of great heroes and nasty beasts. A world of dangerous challenges and mountains of gold as the reward!  Unite with your friends to defeat the undead hordes. Become a saviour! Become a Legend!

One Life is the first multiplayer survival game with perma-permadeath. If you die, you will leave the game forever. Will you manage to survive in this harsh world full of dangers? Upgrade your battle truck and set off for hot spots with friends. Play with your own rules but remember: your every move can be the last one.

Dive into an amazing adventure! Fight with pirates, collect treasures, build and defend your fort! Complete lots of levels, upgrade your heroes and lead them in the battle against other players! Feel the real power of totems!

You are entrusted to complete an extremely important mission! Gain the trust of foreign command and lead an elite squad of mercenaries. Use modern weapons and units, fight in troubled areas of the world and defeat powerful enemy bosses!

What do you know about war? Imagine you are a general. You are to win hundreds of battles, commanding squads on five different fronts. Together with friends, you are going to fight for the liberation of your country. Great graphics and exciting sound effects create the atmosphere of real war. Are you ready, General?

Fight against the global terrorism! Recruit powerful army and neutralize dangerous criminals in hot spots. The lives of civilians are in your hands!

Join the battle between Light and Darkness in the game based on ancient Japanese myths and legends

Welcome to the world of post-apocalyptic Moscow Metro of 2033. This is the place where the last survivors of the human race have found their refuge. Everyone can become a stalker here – a fearless warrior that guards the last bastion of humanity.