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Tips for everyone
— 6 september 2016

Do you remember your first day at a new place, say, school, college or work? Can you recall the state of being a part of a new team? We know the feeling and we don’t want our new teammates to undergo stress like this.

All of us have a useful handbook called “Tips for everyone”. On the very first day of working at Kefir! the handbook helps you get focused and find out what Kefir! values its employees for. From the handbook you can learn about the company hierarchy and get useful hints on working in our team: how to adapt to a new workplace, learn to make right decisions and analyze the work you’ve done. There’s everything that can help new employees stop worrying and start growing.

Apart from the handbook, new employees also get a brochure with useful hints on making up a new game. The information in the brochure can be valuable not only for game designers but also for those who want to try themselves in the role of game designers. Everyone at Kefir! is encouraged to be creative and can make a prototype of a new game.

All employees know the information from the handbook. However, it’s always a good idea to open it and get back to the Tips once more.

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