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We did it!
— 4 august 2017

Conquered the stratosphere, explored endless steppes and had a great time  - this is how we can describe our expedition to the She-Bear Ridge that took place last weekend. With a big column of off-roaders, we set off to the abnormal zone, famous for its mystical natural phenomena in order to launch our self-made stratosphere balloons into the near space from there.

It took us a month to get ready for the expedition. But it was worth it. Our engineers from different teams presented their devices, branded their cars and marked the beginning of our adventures. In the steppes, we set up a big camp on a picturesque site and in the morning, we launched our balloons with cameras and different research sensors into the sky. When the balloons reached their highest altitude, they burst and the devices fell on the land. Our searchers played a big role because they were looking for the devices in forests, swamps, fields and villages for hours. In the end, we have found all the balloons and soon we’ll tell you all about the KefirX Expedition. 
Yes, we haven’t found any UFOs, but now we have enough impressions till the next Big Trip.

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