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Helping brown bears
— 17 novermber 2014


Our blog readers probably remember that we adopted a real polar bear - Well, now our bear has brown “friends” Raya and Egor. They got in trouble and we just couldn’t stand aside. 
The “Russian bears” circus act used to be famous all over the world. Together with their trainer Pavel Kudrya, the animals travelled all over the world and performed in the most famous circuses. But suddenly they got fired together with the trainer.
According to the agreement terms, Pavel had to go to his place of registration, a flat in Volgograd…and take the bears. Obviously, it’s impossible for bears to live in a flat. Fortunately, Pavel’s friend offered his summerhouse as a temporary home for the bears.
The circus animals have lived in cages and have been popular with the locals. But bears that grew up in warm circus conditions won’t survive severe winter.
These wonderful animals need a warm spacious house. And they will have it! At present, they already got: a heat gun, a roomy freezer and a large store of food. Now the bears live in an army tent, they are well fed and warm. Very soon they’ll have their heated spacious home built. 
We hope that with our help this wonderful couple will start performing again and bring happiness to our lives.

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