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Onward & Upward
— 31 august 2017

A good expert is characterized by a drive to perfection - either it’s improving the skills one already has or evolving in adjacent directions. When it comes to gamedev, there are always questions on perspectives: can you head the development of your Witcher, avoiding spending forever in one position waiting for promotion.  Can I, a modeller/tester/community manager/etc., become a legend in the game industry? Of course, you can! Because we don’t have an old-fashioned office with white collars, where people are happy to set up farewell retirement parties for colleagues for the sake of a better position.  

Everything is much easier: the more helpful your are for the team, the more you get back. We value our specialists and we can see the point in developing their potential to the maximum. That’s why all doors are open for our every employee from the start. In every position you have an opportunity to be helpful for the studio - offer game prototypes, show the initiative, study some new area - be cross functional. Being active and having a desire to help the studio won’t be unseen and the specialist will be highly appreciated - maybe they will even become a Game Design Master.


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