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Gamedev industry? Everything’s real!
— 3 february 2017

A lot of guys consistently call us for advice. They want to get into the gamedev industry, but they don’t know how. The main thing is to believe that everything is real. You can become a new Gabe Newell or Hideo Kojima if you have the main goal – to make good games. Thoughts like “I can do nothing, but I want to” won’t lead you to gamedev, because in addition to a dream you should have a strong desire and ability to overcome obstacles. It’s a long and thorny way that everyone can pass, but not everyone can really achieve it. So, before you start, promise yourself to get to the finish line whatever it takes (frankly speaking, this line will be the start of a new part of your life).
What if you are one of those who haven’t found distinctive qualities in themselves yet, but have a strong desire to create a new GTA 6? First of all, you should hold on, sit down and think about these important things: what do you like most in game creating? Where would you like to develop your potential? For example, you may look through the list of jobs in game studios and choose what you like.
When the choice is made, everything depends on your willpower and passion to create a game. You can’t learn something just reading theory, you have to apply your knowledge in practice. Here are some ways:

  • training programs
  • practical tasks, that can be found on the Internet
  • specialized challenges
  • tutorials, guides and master classes
  • creation of your own projects for portfolio and CV.

In addition to constant learning and practice, it is necessary to share your concepts and listen to constructive criticism from people working in the industry. You shouldn’t think that there is a certain level, after which you will finish your training and instantly get a job. Your progress must be continuous, even if you are already in a gamedev studio. Gamedev requires professional growth, because it is the only way to be helpful in conditions of advanced technologies.
And if you get a job at a game studio, set a goal to become the best in game development. This stage will be much more interesting than the previous one, because the creation of games is a real art.

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