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Kefir! Legendary deck. Part 2
— 27 january 2017

A tough team from the Northern capital that gave players Metro 2033. Talented guys who are able to create a great idea and get a huge number of fans.


Creators of Totem Rush aren’t just a team of talented professionals, but they are also Mobile Stores pioneers. In addition, these guys are working on new games prototypes.


Creators of fantasy game Forge of Glory can be compared to a knightly order. They know how to fight with swords and bring a game to the world’s top-list.


Everybody knows how important advertising is for promoting projects. So, we have a team of marketers - tough guys that speak only the keywords language.


These guys are able to handle intense flow of issues and requests, they can have a lunch and search for new information at the same time. With huge reserves of patience, they’ll show you how to make a screenshot and solve every problem. It’s a friendly team that can answer all the questions.


They will calm you down and help with any game situation. Guild of psychotherapists and mentalists with encyclopedic minds and knowledge about all secrets of the future updates.

+7 (8442) 98-48-18