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Kefir! Legendary deck
— 19 january 2017

Our studio is just like a Hearthstone deck. And every team in it is a legendary card with its unique ability. Today we will show you a part of our collection which already consists of topnotch teams and grows quite fast.

Tyuryaga was created by some really cool guys, so Tim Adin has a reputation of the boldest team. In their arsenal, there are a lot of sharp jokes and provocative ideas that perfectly fit their project. Guys from Tim Adin are so tough that they even once shaved their heads during a team test.

Perhaps the most patriotic studio team. You‘d better not argue about the power of Soviet troops and you’d better not compete in disassembling a rifle with them. They can tell you everything about the Great Patriotic War and can identify a tank even on a half-dead military videotape. 

Soldiers of the invisible front. They deserve their name SWAT, because these ladies have a high level of moral and physical training in conditions of creative team work. They are responsible for the internal and external studio policies and they make our days comfortable for productive work.

This team creates new prototypes and prepares the best of them for preproduction. Everyone can enter this team, the main thing is having a burning desire to create new games and embody daring ideas.


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