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Last Day on Earth Team
— 23 june 2017

Some months ago, we started the development of Last Day on Earth. 
Everyone at our studio can offer their game concept. The LDoE idea came from artists and all guys accepted it and joined the process of its embodiment. At first, their task was to make a game prototype as fast as possible. Eventually it turned out to become a successful beta version, loved by millions of players worldwide. 62-day time limit isn’t a myth anymore, it’s pretty real time of producing a working game version, which we would like to apply in future as well.  There are certain advantages: the team works as a whole to meet the deadline plus it comes up with right ideas in such a small time period. 
Guys from different teams joined the development of Last Day on Earth and while the studio grows we need more experts. We are actively looking for real professionals willing to join the process of successful projects development.

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