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Teams of Kefir! Studio
— 18 october 2016

Can you imagine american fraternities? First that comes to mind is the secret society with it's strange name, mystic logo, rite of passage and friendly team that will come to the rescue at any moment.

All the guys in Kefir! are divided into teams, which are responsible for the Studio's projects. Every team has a name and a logo, that reflects a spirit of the particular project. For example, The "Tim Adin" - heads of the "Russian Prison Mafia" project, so their logo is associated with the oldest Kefir!'s game. The"Eastern front" is run by guys from the "UFO-34". The "Team 0.5" presents "Totem Rush" application, and the "Team 10" will produce the game named "Forge of Glory" soon. The "Team 7" as known as "The Swat" is responsible for the internal and external policy of our company. 

It's not easy to get into our teams. New members have to pass a special test, that gives an opportunity to become a part of the team and get a T-shirt with it's logo. For example, you have to shave your head to get into the «Tim Adin», win a sword fight to get into the “Team 10”, pass a weapon-strip test to become a member of the “UFO-34” and  get through the obstacle course for being the part of “The Swat”. But despite all the difficulties, all of us can now rely on our teammates.

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