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Kefir!’s top list of video games 2016
— 15 december 2016

Our studio keeps a close watch on all events of the gamedev world. We don’t miss an opportunity to try out the most expected games. The end of the year is the time to sum everything up, so we are ready to present you Kefir!’s top list of world games.

Top 5 video games

Place 5
Dishonored 2

This game has just entered top platforms, but already found fans among our team. A memorable atmosphere, an interesting plot and the ability to literally create the "black” don’t let us remain indifferent.

Place 4 
Dark Souls III

One of the most expected games of 2016 deserved its place in our list. The reason for this lies in the difficulty or the dark and mysterious setting, or maybe it’s because of the possibility to give other players useful tips as well as poor… anyway, place 4 in our list.

Place 3 
Battlefield 1

Released simultaneously with the imperishable "WoW: Legion", this game captured the entire studio for a few days - thanks for a free beta-version! But now we know how fun it is to be a part of a historic battle and rush on Bucephalus under fire. Bravo!

Place 2 

Well, what about Blizzard? It gave the world a colorful multiplayer shooter that has a lot of fans in our studio. The well balanced and dynamic game is still attracting the attention of our guys.

Place 1

We have been waiting for it for 12 years and prayed at the old-school version. And now we have the classic shooter in a new cover of realistic graphics, which made the whole studio feel nostalgic. This makes DOOM the best game of 2016 for us.

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