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Kefir!’s top list of mobile games 2016
— 16 december 2016

Kefir!’s top list of mobile games 2016

Place 5
The Trail

We got attracted by the unusual gameplay - a lot of guys liked to explore a new world. We all tried ourselves as gatherers and crafters, traded with other players and made plans for a long way. That’s all about the colorful "the Trail".

Place 4
War & Order 

Malaysian players will remember us for a long time because of our tactics to unite and go attack the enemy as a massive wall. We became famous among foreigners as the craziest and the most daring guild and gave War & Order place 4 in our list.

Place 3
Nonstop Knight 

We were just enjoying the graphics and the way the Knight smashed crowds of enemies with a fish-sword or a hayfork. So many times we started playing again and again in order to go farther and farther into the dungeon. No wonder this game takes the 3rd place of our list.

Place 2
Pokémon GO

"We were catching Pokemons before it became mainstream," - says our first owner of a creature. We were all waiting for the game release, inspecting the office and walking down the street searching for the cherished Pikachu. Pokemono-craziness took place at Kefir!.. 2nd place. 

Place 1
Clash Royale

We unanimously award the gold to the game liked by the majority of the studio. Various cards, chest system and the eternal sense of excitement have been attracting us for the whole year. Which arena are you at?

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