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28 Panfilov’s Men
— 23 december 2014

One of the most successful Kefir!’s projects is a war game called Red Army. The plot of the game is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. This subject concerns every one of us, as here, in Russia, there is no family that wasn’t affected by the war. As game developers, we will always be interested in history of the great deed. 
Many people have heard the story of 28 panfilov’s men, soldiers from the Red Army's 316th Rifle Division that took part in the defense of Moscow. The fearless group commanded by General Ivan Panfilov stopped 18 German tanks on the way to Moscow.
An independent St. Petersburg team «Libyan Palette» is shooting a film about the legendary deed. The shooting is funded by voluntary donations. 
Kefir! completely supports the filmmakers and became an official partner of the project. We believe that the film will be released very soon and will tell us a wonderful story of bravery and courage.


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