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Interview with Pavel Ustyuzhanin, lead of the Red Army project
— 9 april 2015

Friends! Here’s an interview with Pavel Ustyuzhanin, lead of the Red Army project.

- Hello, Pavel! How did it all start? How did you start working at Kefir!?
- Hi! I found a job ad on, did the test task in the evening and in the morning I got a call from Andrey Pryakhin. 
- How did you get the idea to make Red Army and what inspired you?
- The idea of Red Army wasn’t mine. I was an animator back then. Creating a game that will be played by millions of players is inspiring in itself. 
- And can you tell us something about the future direction of the project?
- Unfortunately, I can’t. I can only say that a lot of updates have been planned: operations with new gameplay, new sections in the game, and new bosses of course. 
- And what would you like to wish your players?
- Good luck in work or studies. And we’ll take care of entertainment. 
- Thank you, Pavel. Wish you fresh ideas and new creative solutions!

+7 (8442) 98-48-18