Призови в ряды своей армии могущественных героев и стражей. Сражайся с другими игроками, чтобы стать сильнейшим в мире Forge of Glory!
Totem Rush
Dive into an amazing adventure! Fight with pirates, collect treasures, build and defend your fort! Complete lots of levels, upgrade your heroes and lead them in the battle against other players! Feel the real power of totems!
What do you know about war? Imagine you are a general. You are to win hundreds of battles, commanding squads on five different fronts. Together with friends, you are going to fight for the liberation of your country. Great graphics and exciting sound effects create the atmosphere of real war. Are you ready, General?
Get inked, raise your prestige and set your own rules in jail. Team up with your bros and beat up other inmates!

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